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This week I am featuring my Jenday Conure.

His name is Cheeky turkey Birdy.  Cheeky – his given name when he was born because he was and is cheeky; Turkey – because he gobbles like a turkey and Birdy – because we just sometimes call him that.

He was born on the 12 April 200o and we got him on the 13 July 2000.  He can live to the ripe old age of between 25 and 30 years.  He has brought us lots of laughter and happiness.  He doesnt talk much, but boy, can he make a noise.  It takes special people to put up with the noise these birds make, but he is so well loved and when I am away I miss his noises.




Picture 2 032



His best Cheeky pose.


I just love it when he eats with his foot.  The best is when he dips his biscuit into a cup of tea and the devours it.


Another favourite pose.

Turkey mosaic 001And here we have the same pose in mosaic, although not yet finished.


Well thats it for now, take care, love much and be safe out there.






Comments on: "Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 2" (6)

  1. What a gorgeous little chap. 🙂 Lovely mosaic, Blossom. Well done.

  2. He is stunning, and the mosaic does him justice.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful, cute Birdy. I like his pose, the eating one, too. Beautiful mosaic, Grannyblossom 🙂

  4. He has the most gorgeous colours, Blossie. Love your Mosaic too – beautiful! Thanks for taking part my friend.
    *sending huge hugs*

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